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Best Shooting Game For Windows Vista

Games like Pubg under 100 mb

Games like Pubg under 100 MB are so popular it is hard to imagine a world without them. If you’ve got a touch screen mobile phone or a gaming console, you probably have heard of the game called Pubg. Developed by Hip Hop Wireless, the game is available for several different platforms. In fact, the game was so popular it spawned its own lines of related apps. The most famous one being the Bullet Proof Multiplayer Online. To date, there are over twenty versions of the game available on different mobile devices, ranging from touch screen mobile phones to smart phones.

The game is a multiplayer browser game and has several lines of related apps. These are called the Bullet Proof Multiplayer App (MBMP) and the Bullet Proof File Select (BFS). These apps consist of two gun games: the Free Shooting battle line and the Loot Hunters line of gun games. The former features an assortment of maps with various objectives.

In the Bullet Proof Multiplayer app, you must shoot your way to the bottom of the map before time runs out. You also have the option of picking two different heroes and your own character. These heroes include the jungle survival instinct, the street survival instinct and the bounty hunter instinct. There are also five different levels in the game, which increase in difficulty.

The second game in the Bullet Proof File Select series is the Loot Hunters Battle royale. This game is different from the others because you don’t have a primary objective, but instead, you have to survive as long as possible in the battle royale format. As the name implies, the objective of this game involves surviving a series of battles and fighting through waves of opponents. The game can be played either locally or online.

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The multiplayer version of the Loot Hunters game has many extra features compared to the single player version. Some of these features include the special camouflage mode, where you can pretend to be an enemy soldier and shoot everyone as they come close to you. The special weapon that you can pick up includes the machine gun, sniper rifle and the rocket launcher.

Another game in the top list of the best offline games like under 100 MBPS is the mobile shooting game called Pubg War Zone. You can also play as a soldier in this game. Here, you will be defending your base against waves of zombies coming from the different corners of your base. The zombies here run on foot, so you have to use your guns to kill them. You are provided with mobile cover to protect you from attack but it won’t be long before you are overrun.

The third game in the best shooting game list is the Loot Hunters. As the name suggests, in this game, you are required to find weapons and other stuff in loot crates and then you need to stash them for later usage. The crates have a limited amount of space and once they are depleted you will not be able to place anymore in that crate. You can get a new crate at a certain time and you can save or store the used crates for future use. This is a good game to play if you are looking for a short break from your online action.

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These are three of the best action shooters, which are available for free online. If you are a big fan of the action shooting genre then these free games offer you the perfect gaming option. You don’t have to spend any money to experience the thrill and thrills that await you in any of these games. Just fire up your computer and enjoy your favorite games.