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Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG on the iPhone

If you are fond of action packed, game playing, brainteasers then definitely you will enjoy playing Dungeon Dogs. It is an award winning idle RPG game. The game involves the search of digital paintings depicting ancient battles between the Dungeon Dogs and the evil dark forces. The main character of the game is the Hero who has to save his friends and find out why the dungeon master has unleashed his monsters upon the world.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG

Most of the PC games today come with addictive graphics, sound and great storyline. It is common to find a lot of games like this at various online portals. However, there are certain benefits that one can acquire by downloading a free version of Dungeon Dogs for PC. I have pointed out below some benefits of opting for these games.

The PC versions of the games like Dungeon Dogs have many features. They have a high quality of audio as well as visuals. They are designed in such a way that the user can enjoy playing them with minimum requirements. This version of the PC game also offers a free trial version. This trial version allows the player to test its compatibility and usability before purchasing the complete version of the game.

The PC versions of the action packed games like Dungeon Dogs are not very big in size. In fact they occupy much less space on the hard drive than the iPhone and Blackberry phones. This is a definite advantage as far as the player is concerned. The game can be installed easily and can perform well even on low end hardware. However, the game requires adequate bandwidth to run smoothly. So, if your broadband speed is less than sufficient to play the game then you should opt for another PC game.

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Some people may have the opinion that the PC version of the Dungeon Dogs is very similar to the iPhone versions. They are both action-oriented games. However, the truth is that the level of detail has been vastly improved on the iPhone. The facial expressions of the dogs and the other characters in the game are much more realistic. The interface of the iPhone version is also very simple and user friendly. This has led to the iPhone being used by more users around the world.

While the PC version of the Dungeon Dogs has a story to tell, it is a far cry from the successful Baldur’s Gate and Pirates of the Caribbean games. The story begins in the city of New Dalemark where an orphanage is desperately looking for a boy who can fight off the dungeon dwellers. The boy named Alucard takes up the quest and goes to fight off the dungeon hordes. There are several adventures that the player will have to go through and some of them have to do with the resurrection of an ancient evil boss. The fighting portions are relatively slow but when the right moves are made, it is possible to bring down even the toughest opponents.

The iPhone versions have a very unique control scheme. The first thing that players will notice about the controls is that they are very simple. There are only a few buttons that need to be pressed and this is all that is required for the player to successfully complete a level. When they are down, a character next to the player will then select a button to get back up to fighting. There are no maps or levels in this game and this is one of the biggest attractions of the game.

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There are only a few games like Dungeon Dogs on the iPhone that can offer players this type of quick play. However, there are a couple of other games like Baldur’s Gate: The Fallen Kingdom and Pirates that are equally enjoyable. They are both time-wasters that will frustrate players that are looking to put off playing these types of games for a few weeks. If you can stomach a few hours, then these games are recommended for you.