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Investigation Games For PC – A Review Of The Best Ones

If you are a detective, or if you have been thinking of being one, then investigation games for PC can give you the perfect platform to hone your skills. These online games will provide you with the perfect platform to do your own investigating and to hone your deductive and analytical skills. There is a vast choice of video games available today. You can play violent, crime scene video games to help you achieve the skills you need to be a successful detective. Or you could play more educational and meaningful games such as investigations and other real life detective games.

investigation games for pc

But which of the many investigation choices is best suited to your needs? Which ones do you find most fulfilling? To help you make this decision we have enlisted a list of our favorite investigation video games for PCs below. When making your decision, it is important to remember that some investigation choices are more challenging than others. While some investigation games are fairly simplistic, others may take some skill and time to master.

The first and best detective video game for PC is “CSI Crime Scene Investigation”. This is part 2 of the CSI Crime wave game. In this game, players are detectives in a virtual investigation mode. Your goal is to solve crimes by uncovering the culprits through various methods such as cell phone monitoring, video surveillance, questioning witnesses, etc.

Our second best detective video games for PC is “The Stick of Truth”. In this game players are investigative journalists looking for clues within a murder mystery video game scenario. Like “Csi Crime Scene Investigation”, this offers you the opportunity to perform your investigative techniques in a fun and interactive way. As you investigate each case you will unlock information about the suspect including their background, address, work history, and more. This is our top pick for best detective games for pc.

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The third game we have here for you, is “Vortex Point”. This investigation game is one of our favorites. The storyline is set in a small town called Driftwood and the story revolves around a young woman and her friend, who are missing. You play the role of investigator as you search the town for clues and solve the case. One of the best features of this investigation game is that you have the option to save up the game anytime, just in case you were stuck on a certain area or if you got lost somewhere.

We would also like to introduce to you our fourth investigation games for PC, which is the “Rising Sun”. This is the newest release in our collection and comes from the talented minds of Jade Capital. The main story line revolves around a high school girl named Taylor, who stumbles upon a strange body. This body can be seen through some photos that Taylor took, and apparently the creature was attached to her because of some sort of electric energy.

The fifth and final installment of our investigation games for PC list is “Cult County”. This is the game that we have been waiting for. The story behind Cult County follows the life of three teenage girls who discover a human skull in their neighborhood. The investigation results reveal that the skull is that of serial killer Wes Craven, who has been on death row for 30 years and is about to be executions.

All these games are guaranteed to give you hours of thrilling gaming fun. So if you have not tried any of these before, what are you waiting for? Go check out the websites and download some investigation games for PC now! Good luck!

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