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Play the Gothic Game on Your Phone Or Tablet

Anyone have trouble with the whole account transfer process taking your precious Gwent console key in during the account sign up process. I mean when you go into the whole 3 piece of information (Gwent key, Ps4 user id, and Gwent account id). It says matching the format, but I have gone into it a couple different ways, and yet it does not seem to accept it, at all. I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who has had the same problem as I did, but that was my luck, unfortunately.

That’s right, I have been able to get the new Gwent expansions, by checking the disc, through the program, and I was able to get them through the retail version, as well. As you know, December is the Current State of Game Pack 1. So, I’m hoping, that means you too, can get your copy of Gwent, through the November release, if you have the disc.

I know, it may be impossible, considering that no one will have the disc when the November Current State of Game Packs 1 hits store shelves, however, you can try out both the November and the December Gwent Console Versions, for free, right here on my website. You can download both the demos and the real-money purchases immediately, for free. Why am I telling you about this? Well, it has just dawned on me, that if you are one of the lucky few, who have the discs and use them both versions of the game.

These Gwent console editions, work on all the major gaming platforms, including iPhone and iPad. What’s more, they are packaged and sold by thousands of retailers around the world. The iPhone version of the game is known as the “Gwent Blast” while the iPad version is referred to as the “Gwent Database”. You can also buy the versions of the game through the iTunes App Store for free. I don’t know why Niantic, the developer, chose not to make these versions available through Apple, or to charge for them.

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Personally, I prefer to play the free iOS and iPad versions of the game on my mobile phone, as that seems to be the most convenient way for me to enjoy it. If you happen to be a big fan of the PC versions, don’t be disheartened, because you too can download the free versions of both the iOS and the PC versions of the game. Both versions of the game are identical in appearance and functionality. I think the only differences are the lower quality graphics and less user-friendly interface. While the games play remarkably well, the story line and overall difficulty level are not that engaging or exciting enough to keep me playing on my mobile phone.

If you are an Xbox gamer, you may be wondering if the mobile versions will support the classic Xbox games, like Need for Speed, Dance Revolution, etc. Unfortunately, there is no such support offered on the mobile versions of the games. The company has yet to announce any plans regarding future consoles and mobile phones. In the mean time, if you are an iOS or Android gamer, you are probably itching to get your hands on the Gwent mobile game. The wait may be long, but the enjoyment is worth it! If you are interested in downloading the free version of the Gwent Blast on your phone or tablet, check out my blog for more information.