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The Best iPhone Games Under 50 MB

top 10 action games under 50mb

With the arrival of several top grossing superhero action films in recent years, action games have found their way into our homes. From fighting with aliens to taking down villains, top ten lists for top action games on Google Play have consistently shown a consistent trend of featuring these top rated games. However, some of them continue to escape our attentions as they remain to be absent from our downloads list even on devices that are technically capable of supporting them. The reason behind this is a lack of proper monetization options. While most top ten lists for top action games for mobile devices offer a variety of options such as ad supported gaming or simple ad supported games where the only option for monetization is through purchases, top ten lists for top action games for low end computers and mobiles remain lagging behind.

Although Android offers an abundance of tools that can be used to facilitate such monetization options, many developers have remained away from tapping into the potential offered by Android apps as a platform for game monetization. This has given us top games for low end PCs that are enjoying substantial sales on Android devices. Many such games that were originally designed as flash games and therefore require huge investments from the game developer, do well on low end PCs and mobiles despite not having the option of being promoted through ad supported modes on mobile devices. Some games are even enjoying resurgence as a result of emerging Internet communities dedicated to gaming. These niche oriented groups find their favorite top ten action games under 50mb for pc and thus enjoy a home on almost all mobiles running Windows OS and on the likes of iPhones and tablets.

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To understand why such games find no place on top 10 lists for top action games for phones and tablets, it is important to recognize the dynamics of game monetization that has guided top names in the industry over the last few years. With each new release of a top game or an old classic coming to market, the game company must invest significant amounts in marketing and promotion in order to gain a foothold in the competitive markets. This involves buying ads on television, during live shows and in newsprint, as well as embedding or paying for placements within mobile websites, mobile apps and portals. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, these mobile game companies can now offer top ten action games for low end PCs that enjoy high download rates.

Why have top ten action games for phones and tablets suddenly found a special niche on low end devices? One answer can be attributed to the change in the way people play games. The genre of top ten action games for phones and tablets has changed from fighting, racing and puzzle games to shooting, strategy and adventure games. People also play games that require online connection which may be required for some games. This means that the entire game can be downloaded on the device without the need for constant connection to the Internet.

There are other reasons why top ten action games for phones and tablets have taken off like wildfire. Many top names are getting into the industry and there are a number of third party developers developing the titles. This competition has brought the prices down significantly and has increased profitability. The top companies are spending more on marketing and promotion than ever before and the resulting products are better and more exciting. Many of the top action games for phones and tablets can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

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So, what are top names involved in the top ten action games for phones and tablets? roid Entertainment has developed an addictive game called Limbo. The game is a first person shooter and platformer where you guide the character through a maze to complete the level. In the Android version, you need to guide your character through the levels by using the touch screen to move the camera and point the cursor wherever you want to direct your character. You can move him left or right, up or down and use up or down arrows to maneuver your character.

Nexon, the maker of League of Legends, developed one of the top selling games on the mobile market, World in Motion. The game involves a top down view camera view as you guide your character across the map on foot. The overall concept is to build your character up by collecting resources and then using those resources to damage your opponents. You can double, triple, or even quadruple your health points in this game. The top game on the list is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This list would not be complete without mention of games such as Inversion Touch, Zox, and Phat. Inversion Touch gives you the ability to change the horizontal position of your character, while Zox gives you the ability to throw players, and Phat provides a top down view of your character during an aerial battle. I’m sure you will agree that the top ten best action games for iPhone are plenty deep and lots of fun. Which ones are you most excited to try?

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