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The Tiny Fantasy Action Adventure Game Review

Tiny Fantasy has been one of the leading free RPG games on Google play! Get ready to blast off into a fantasy world with its unique, free RPG elements! Explore the unlimited vistas and solve the many puzzles to unleash powerful spells and battle dragons to win the fight in your favour!

Control Tiny Fantasy using keyboard shortcuts to maximize on-screen control. Enjoy intuitive gameplay that allows you to move your character with the mouse. Enjoy the magical, free throw spells and exciting special moves. Take on the challenge as you learn how to hone your skills through the free tutorial. Discover the secret of mastering magic and defeat the dragon lord.

Enjoy the fast paced action and magical transformations in this exciting free update of Tiny Elf on Google Play. Touch screen controls make playing more fun and exciting. Enjoy the fast paced game with various quests to complete and several challenging levels to beat. Discover the power of three alchemy ingredients and revamp your skills and powers in this exciting free game update.

Your magical body has been weakened by an unknown force and you are stranded with a pack of marauding zombies near a large city. The zombies have turned on you and are ready to kill you and eat your flesh. Escape from the city safely and learn who has killed you. Enjoy the exciting gun and sword action combat and thrilling real time puzzles in this top grossing free game on Google play. Discover why so many gamers love this fantasy game.

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The story of tiny fantasy is about a young boy named Gabriel who lives a sheltered life in a mountain village. One night a strange old man steals his home and robs a local shopkeeper of his most valuable possessions. Gabriel must find the lost man and return to the village, which has been transformed into a monster like place thanks to some dark creatures. You play as Gabriel and have to travel across the countryside fighting and protecting the people and creatures you come across along the way. The game is full of magical creatures and other creatures you have to put up a fight against. You will find plenty of weapons, upgrades, spells, potions and food to eat as well as power ups.

In this game you can transform into different animals such as lions, dragons or unicorns. Each of these animals has their own strengths and weaknesses. You will have a variety of challenges when fighting these epic monsters. These games generally take around 15 minutes to complete the adventure. You will also discover some side quests and unlockables as you progress through the game, allowing you to further immerse yourself in this tiny fantasy world.

When you complete the game you will be treated to an ending cinematic that shows Gabriel and his warrior buddies overcome the final boss after facing off against a dragon. The game is very impressive and is well worth the price. Although tiny in comparison to the next game in the epic fantasy series, it still packs a wallop as it gets you into some good old fashion fantasy action. I would definitely recommend it and I’m sure if you give it a try you’ll love it too.

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Remember though, like most of Jackson’s previous games, The Tiny Fantasy Universe is not actually part of a bigger story line. The game is all about the characters you meet and the epic battles you participate in. Although it does have an overall story line, it is primarily just a bunch of randomly generated, tiny action games. That is a fine idea and I think most people will enjoy it but I don’t think it goes very far enough in making a quality action-adventure game.