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Top 5 Free Android Games To Play Offline

offline games under 50 mb

Are you looking for some good offline games? If you are under 50 MB download then this is the article that you have been looking for. A lot of computer users prefer to play online games, and especially MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games). However, most online games do not allow you to play if you are below a certain download limit. In this case, offline games are the only way to go.

One of the most popular offline games is Prison Break. This game based around a very interesting story. Data Sync is the best offline game for android devices because it offers an all-new experience. It lets you experience the thrill and the excitement of going behind bars. Multiple levels, high graphics and unlockable challenges will keep you playing and wanting for more.

The next best offline game for android devices is The Incredible Crash Team Racing. This has all the charm of classic crash games. As you collect the parts of the car you can upgrade it. There are high graphics, tracks and numerous unlockables. The real top highlight of this game is the n.o.v.a robot that you use to race against others with the help of n.o.v.a boosters.

Another best pick for a free Jaisa offline game is the pubg offline game download. The icon resembles a handgun. When you press the icon, you get a series of shooting challenges. It is comparable to the classic treasure hunt games.

For those who are looking for the best pick for a free mba3D offline game they should try the mba3D dark theme. The icon looks like a gun and the background has 3D graphics. When you press the icon you will get to see a series of challenges with different levels. There are five difficulty levels and the game features the usual practice mode. The inbuilt leaderboards and high scores are also available.

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The best offline games for android users are probably those which offer exciting freebies and bonuses. The Lucky Stacking Pack is definitely worth a download. You will be able to stack up on points and levels without any hassle. The bonus features in this game are spectacular and provide a great chance to gain extra my points as well as cash prizes.

The best offline game for android users can only be described as addictive. It is like a virtual mine field where you need to survive long enough for you to make it to the end. The objective of the game is to shoot as many zombies as possible without dying. The controls in this game are simple yet extremely challenging, thanks to its amazing graphics. The zombies here don’t move or run but just stand still when hit by your weapon.

The game features a story about two brothers who have to protect their mother from a group of marauding robots. You can see zombies creeping out of the dark wooded area as well as see the light coming from the windows. For those who want to enjoy real physics based gaming, there is no doubt that Zombie Shooter is one of the best offline games under 50mb for android. Its excellent graphics will really leave you impressed and will keep you playing for hours. This game features various weapons used to take down the zombies and score more points.

Another exciting gaming option for those who love action packed games is Zombie Park. The game comes with several levels, each more challenging than the last. You can see zombies coming out of the ground and shoot them as they try to crawl toward you. This game features an amazing zombie shooting mode, which makes it a top choice for game lovers who love assault games.

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If you’re looking for a free android game to play, Tarah offline game would be your best choice. It has the same game play and plot as its online counterpart but this time you will be playing it using your android phone instead of a computer. You have to save the island from the pirates who have attacked it and you also have to find the location of the ultimate boss of the island called Captain Hector. To do so, you will have to use your arrow keys to aim and attack the enemy units with a powerful combination of attacks. This is a game that is totally free so there’s no need to worry about logging in each day or paying for a membership to play the game whenever you want.

If you want something a bit different and not just another zombie shooting game, try this game called Battle Royale Apk. This offline version comes with its own story and is set in a different setting. A group of unlikely friends have to work together to overcome the threat of the zombies as well as save the island from its impending doom. The online version of battle royale apk is also a great choice because it is free and includes an in-game shop where you can buy or download additional content for a minimal fee.