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Want to Enjoy Playing the Mortal Kombat Game on the iPhone?

Mortal Kombat game to play on Android and iOS

The popularity of the video game “Mortal Kombat” has made an enter into the world of fighting games. In the world of fighting games, the only surefire winner is death. With that in mind, you might want to reconsider playing through the Mortal Kombat game on your iPhone or iPad. While it’s fun to just have the option to not be on the iPhone or iPad while playing a cool iPhone game, it could be dangerous if you are fighting in an environment that isn’t safe for mortal combat. Here’s why:

As cool as the iPhone is, it’s just not a suitable playing surface for fighting games. Apple devices don’t support high-density game controllers like the ones used in the highly acclaimed Mortal Kombat game. As a result, you can’t really use the game controller as a way to balance during a fight.

You won’t be able to swing your arms or stab your opponents in the eye with a Wii remote, either. In fact, you can’t swing anything at all in the first person perspective in the iPhone version of this game. This makes this game all but unusable for most iPhone users. You’ll find it a little more fun to play on a PC or game console, where you can swing your arms and enemies’ limbs off of the ground.

But let’s assume that you do have access to an iPhone and Android device that both support high-density game controllers. You can still play Mortal Kombat on them. All you need to do is find an arcade in your local city that is running a special Mortal Kombat game. In fact, this game is so popular that there are now an entire night and weekend dedicated solely to playing the game.

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There are several different versions of the game. You can play on the Genesis version, which features mostly the same fighting mechanics. You can also pick up the classic PlayStation version, which differs slightly. On top of that, there is the mobile phone version, which is very similar to the console version in many ways. The screen is basically the same, though it does not feature 3D animation like the console game.

As far as games go, this one is a simple enough one. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking, so you won’t need a lot of practice. However, if you enjoy the first person view of fighting, you will definitely have fun with Mortal Kombat.

When you download the Mortal Kombat app for iPhone, you will immediately be faced with its free trial. It starts off with tutorial fighting lessons, which are useful for getting you acquainted with the controls. From there, you can download the game, which will allow you to start off in Mortal Kombat on the iPhone. The controls work very similarly to that of an Xbox game. It looks very fluid and controls are very smooth, aside from a few odd issues here and there, like some occasional screen wipes.

Mortal Kombat is definitely not a bad game to play on either iPhone. It’s just a matter of how you enjoy playing it. If you find that it is too hard to understand and that you want to learn more right away, it probably isn’t the best game for you to download. However, if you enjoy playing it and are patient enough to read through the tutorials and understand the controls, you should have no problem playing through the game on the iPhone. If you are worried about getting beaten up or dying too often, however, you might want to think twice about playing through it on your iPhone.