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World War Heroes: War Stories – Flight Into War

World War Heroes WW2 FPS

World War Two, the very name brings to mind the thrilling memories of the Second World War. Today on the Internet you can find many World War Two flash games. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS is actually a free to play game that sends you straight back to the world war two periods.

Choose aircraft such as the Spitfire, Tiger and Focke-Wulf FW 190. Fly combat missions taking you right into the action. Feel the thrill of combat as you take control of your fighter plane in an effort to annihilate the enemy. Feel the thrill of destruction as you bomb German cities. Feel the excitement as you score more points.

This game is based on real events and there are various historical places and people like Hitler and Churchill etc. In this app you can experience this world war II events. The game is completely flight simulator. The app also has various other stuffs which are very much exciting. Read on the following to know about World War II FPS and its app reviews.

To begin with, the game is based on real events. You have to fly your plane into combat and destroy the German planes. Feel the adrenaline rush as you take control of your plane. Get ready for thrilling aerial battle as you destroy the enemies.

In this game, you can choose various world famous cities that were part of world war II. Get ready for bombing the cities as you fly your plane through the sky. The game gives you a real time experience as you enjoy the whole game flying your airplane. Feel the real thrill of a thrilling combat.

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The most fascinating part of the game is you do not have to fly the plane. Feel the thrill of real helicopter flying over the skies of London. Get prepared to command the skies as you obliterate the enemy troops.

When you play World War Hero: War Stories, you get the real feel of war. You can opt to control different aspects of the game. You can shoot, use the ground vehicle and do a variety of things. You will not be playing on a keyboard. You can opt for flying tanks or go for driving trucks etc.

The game provides a complete gaming experience. You can be a fighter pilot, a bomb runner, a naval officer, a soldier and any other role in the game. The graphics are so real that it feels like you are playing in the real world. It is available for free online.

If you do not like to fly, you can just rent a bike. You are also allowed to drive tanks and other vehicles in the game. Another option is to use pistols, rifles and swords in the game. These options provide an extra element of thrill to the game.

World War Heroes: War Stories is a co-op game. You will either be a part of the army or the opposing side. You have various choices to make during the game. Your actions will either help your allies or harm them. Your only goal is to achieve your mission.

In the game, you will be flying an historical aircraft like the biplane, glider, pusher, Cessna twin engine, biplane trainer, biplane, Fokker triplane, Beechcraft King air, Consolidated Bristolford, Hawker Hunter, and more. Each of these aircraft has its own set of functions. For example, in the game of World War Heroes: War Stories, you will be using the cockpit to control the vertical and horizontal movements. Each time you change your altitude in the game, you will also be moving the camera around in real time. Some of these games will allow you to use both the control sticks and the joysticks at the same time. The PC version also features split screen mode and the keyboard are utilizing to play the game.

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Other flying options include flying in formation. You can also control the wings of the aircraft by tilting the control stick in this situation. In addition, there is targeting and navigation system available to the player. You can spot enemy targets from above by pressing the space bar. Other than that, the game includes various weapons like bombs, missiles, cannon, and anti-aircraft guns. In addition, you can destroy the enemy with regular mortar shelling, surface-to-air missiles, laser barrage, and more.

World War Heroes: War Stories is a game with huge potential for replayability. As you progress through the levels, you will find yourself becoming more skilled in using the controls of the aircraft. This will make the game more interesting as you progress. It’s always nice to return to the level you began playing and feel more confident about your flying abilities.