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Xbox Versus PlayStation 4: Xbox Remote Play Provides More Flexibility

Xbox VS PlayStation 4 is a battle that is coming to a head. There is a lot of negative feedback online about this new generation of consoles. However, many people are unaware of what is in store for them with these new generation consoles. It is a battle that pits one gaming system against another gaming machine. With each having their own unique qualities, it will be up to you to decide which one to choose.

xbox versus playstation 4

One way in which the new games differ is in terms of how they are played. In Xbox VS PlayStation 4, every player has their very own controller and utilizes it throughout the whole game. With Xbox Live, gamers are no longer able to take their entire controller with them wherever they go from one place to another. They are only allowed to use their controllers at certain places within the game. This means that they have to know where they should go to play their new games.

When comparing the two most popular game consoles, we see that Xbox Vs PlayStation 4 has some advantages over the older one. For one, gamers no longer have to waste time trying to find a controller to connect to their new system. All they need to do is turn on the Xbox one and they will easily be able to find a compatible controller in the market. On the other hand, with the introduction of the second controller, gamers will have to make do with the one that came with their original gaming console.

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Another advantage that Xbox VS PlayStation 4 has over the older versions is with regards to its disc drive. When we compare the two, we find that the newer console comes with a much larger disc drive than the older versions. With this, gamers will no longer have to replace the discs after playing for a while. They can enjoy the game longer just by having the disc drive ready. However, with the introduction of the second controller, gamers may find it more difficult to find discs. In other words, gamers will now have to put in a lot of effort in looking for discs when they do not have an Xbox versus PlayStation 4 controller.

Although there are advantages with the Xbox, there are also some major disadvantages with the new games. One example is with the absence of the shoulder buttons on the controllers. When gamers press the shoulders, they can easily change the buttons on the controller, which makes it very difficult to navigate through buttons when playing new games.

The introduction of the new controller has also created another problem. Since gamers now have to change their existing controllers when they switch to the Xbox versus PlayStation 4, they will find it more difficult to access their live accounts and make adjustments to the profile. This is because with the absence of the previous controllers, gamers will have to insert the new ones to be able to access their live accounts. For some, this might be troublesome since they cannot play for a couple of days until they get the new controller.

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